Tribeca Premiere: Prof. Peter Hutchison's "Requiem for the American Dream"


Prof. Peter Hutchison's documentary, Requiem for the American Dream, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last month.  On his experience making the film and premiering it at Tribeca, Peter said:

PH: After spending the last 4+ years rolling the proverbial stone-that-is-doc-filmmaking up the inevitably long and unrelenting hill, it's been exciting to have the opportunity to premiere at Tribeca.  Our doc, Requiem for the American Dream, features Noam Chomsky as he deconstructs the staggering rise in inequality that's occurred from the 70s on - consolidating wealth & power in the hands of a select few.  With the buzz-words "inequality" & "middle class" on the tip of every politician's tongue as they look forward to the next elections cycle, it appears we're fortunate with our timing.

One of the most pleasant surprises for me, however, has been witnessing the growth of TFF - now a serious contender as the preferred launch pad for documentary film in the US.   The festival seems to have found the identity it's often been criticized for lacking - some of it a result of the strong doc program, and in part due to the addition of Spring Street Studios as a central hub for filmmakers, industry and press to congregate & network.

Having a festival of this caliber in our backyard is a wonderful resource for the NYC filmmaking community - I hope our students here learn to take full advantage of it.

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