UGFTV Alum Reed Morano Directs Hulu’s Hit New Show “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Reed Morano (UGFTV, 2000) directs the first three episodes of Hulu’s new critically acclaimed show The Handmaid’s Tale. The show, based off of the novel by Margaret Atwood, follows Offred (Elisabeth Moss,) a woman forced to survive as a surrogate slave in a totalitarian government where fertility is rare and surveillance is heavy.

Morano has worked most of her career as a cinematographer. Her career spans from commercial shoots to music videos like Beyonce’s Lemonade and has shot movies such as Kill Your Darlings, The Magic of Belle Isle and The Skeleton Twins. More impressive is that Morano is the youngest member and one of the few women in the American Society of Cinematographers. It gives her the selective and distinct honor of adding “A.S.C.” at the end of her name.

It fits that such an accomplished woman would come to direct the dystopian drama that has both gorgeous cinematography and masterful direction. The show is set in a future that resembles colonial-era New England where fertile women are subjected to an oppressive patriarchy who only uses them to make babies. At times, Morano’s direction has tender sensibilities about motherhood and chilling presentations of rape, all the while raising important questions about the role of women in this totalitarian society and ours. The politics of The Handmaid’s Tale are clear, unflinching and relevant in an era where feminist messaging is important and in demand.

Stream new episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale every Wednesday from Hulu.