See "Kate Can't Swim" in LA and Chicago

Check out Kate Can't Swim in LA or Chicago later this month. Produced by Sam Syrop (UGFTV, 2008) and edited by Joanna Naugle (UGFTV, 2011)

Synopsis: Kate (Celeste Arias) is almost thirty, almost engaged, almost settled in her career as a writer—but is deeply dissatisfied. When Kate’s best friend Em (Jennifer Allcott) returns from Paris with a surprising new lover in tow (Josh Helman), Kate and her boyfriend Pete (Grayson DeJesus) spend a weekend in upstate New York with the new couple. As Kate struggles with her suspicions about Em’s new lover, dormant feelings about her own life arise, forcing her to decide whether to stay on her current life path or to burn it down and forge a new one.

Logline: When her best friend returns from Paris with a new lover, Kate's life is thrown off track. Encountering new personalities, old promises and sexual fluidity, Kate must decide to stay on her current path or burn it down to forge a new one.

March 13th at 8 PM (ArcLight Hollywood) 
*Q&A to follow with...writer Jennifer Allcott and writer/director Josh Helman

March 30th at 8 PM (ArcLight Chicago)