Interning at Working Title Films and Funny or Die

World premiere of Hail, Caesar!

Editor's Note: This is the second post in a series from our Spring 2016 LA Interns. Check back next Monday for the next post!

I'm currently in the final stretch of my Spring in LA internships at Working Title and Funny or Die and I definitely feel like what I have learned so far has been invaluable in starting my career. At Working Title I've been able to witness the process of development executives giving notes to screenwriters which has been really eye-opening for me. Getting to sit in on the calls and meetings and witness the give and take necessary to develop a story in this industry is extremely valuable to me as an aspiring writer and producer. I also have a feel now for just how different LA is from New York - business talk moves a little faster and your bosses will expect you to learn the ins and outs of the industry quickly. A great trick I've learned is to check the itinerary for the day when I arrive at the office and then Google the people and projects involved in any meetings that may be happening. That way if my boss ever asks spur of the moment for my creative input on a script or even the behavior of the guests when they were waiting at reception I can always give a well thought out response. 

Funny or Die female intern squad

At Funny or Die things are obviously a bit sillier - hover boards, puppies, gag gifts, and goofs everywhere - but it still does move at the same fast pace in which you are expected to sink or swim in by week two. Calls come in from important agents and its crucial to learn how to speak confidently on the phones to represent the company with the utmost professionalism. My days at Funny or Die are a mix of answering phones, picking up lunch orders, helping out on sets, decorating the bathrooms with silly memes, and working on any random, bizarre task that might land on the "Intern Island." One time I had to watch hours of Trump speeches to pull out specific words for a mash-up that never ended up happening, but that's the tedious side of creating comedic content and it really can showcase your attitude and stamina by how well you get the job done. I'd say the greatest moment I've had at Funny or Die so far was when two other interns and I thought we were the only ones left at the office until we were startled by someone getting onto the elevator. It was Will Ferrell; he waved at us and we awkwardly waved back until he started to stare us down and do the "raise the roof" motion with his arms. Once we joined in on the roof raising he said "there, you got it" and got into the elevator and left. 

So overall my internships have been pretty great and very informative and I would highly recommend applying to both companies. Soon I'll be working on the Funny or Die intern video as the producer which will be a web short, completely made by the intern team, that will go up on the Funny or Die site. Still I'm excited to get back to New York. I'll be applying to jobs in both places but I'm definitely hoping to land something better in New York. LA is great but New York feels like its best for when you're in your 20's - when you aren't completely over the weather yet and when you still have the energy to work all week and stay out all weekend. LA to me feels like more of a place to settle down, but its hard to say which city I'll end up in first after graduation.