Repost - The Cinematic Traumas of Kenneth Lonergan by Rebecca Mead

After a bitter fight with Hollywood producers, the filmmaker returns with the shattering “Manchester by the Sea.” 

Kenneth Lonergan, the screenwriter, director, and playwright, wears a wristwatch that is set fifteen minutes fast—an effort, he told me when we first met, to correct a stubborn habit of lateness. The trick doesn’t fool him into thinking that it’s the wrong time, but it is mysteriously effective at keeping him on schedule. Compensating for an undesirable behavior, he acknowledged, is not the same as understanding why it occurs in the first place. “It’s a hard habit to break,” he said. “I think it is partly gluttony for wanting to keep doing what I am doing, and also a lunatic resentment at being expected to do anything. But I don’t like being late. So I am trying.”

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