Experimental Lecture - Ernie Gehr: What Is an Unfinished Work?

NYU's Tisch School of the Arts - Departments of Cinema Studies and Undergraduate Film and TV present

The 7th Annual Experimental Lecture

Ernie Gehr: What Is an Unfinished Work?
Wed. Oct. 19, 2016

One of the most influential avant-garde filmmakers in the United States, Ernie Gehr has transformed his deep knowledge of the moving image into a distinct vision of cinema’s potential for interpreting and fragmenting reality.  With an astute, often humorous, appreciation for the limits and possibilities of the film frame, Gehr has, since the mid 1960s, created a large, radical body of work that continues to challenge and surprise audiences.  He uses his camera as a tool for creating new modes of perception. With few words, no characters and no plots, his films and installations push us to re-imagine our own relationships to time and space.

“Abstract, beautiful, mysterious, invigorating, utopian films …. (that) provide a condensed primer to American avant-garde cinema.” New York Times                             

“Ernie Gehr burst on the experimental film scene in the 1970s.  An entirely self-taught filmmaker, his meticulous attention to the material qualities of cinema closely aligned with the Structuralist film movement and minimalist art. His camera seems to take on magical properties, able to transform the most quotidian object or environment –into marvelous and unexpected phenomena.”(Harvard Film Archive)


Department of Cinema Studies, Tisch School of the Arts
721 Broadway, 6th Floor, Rm. 674
Free and open to the public

5:30 Pre-lecture 16mm screening of Serene Velocity (1970), Shift (1972-74) and Rear Window (1986/1991)

6:30 Artist reception

7:00 Experimental Lecture with screenings of Lisa and Suzanne (1969-79), Untitled: Part 1 (l981), On the Coney Island Boardwalk  (2010)


For more information: Dan Streible (dan.streible@nyu.edu) or Lynne Sachs (lynnesachs@gmail.com)

Link to event:  http://tisch.nyu.edu/cinema-studies/events/fall-2016/ernie-gehr