Recently Admitted Student's Video from NYU's Weekend on the Square

Timmy Beckmann, a newly admitted Undergrad Film & TV student who will be joining the program in the fall, recently came to New York for NYU's Weekend on the Square.  During his visit, he captured footage of his experience and created the video above.  On creating the video and visiting New York, Timmy said the following:

"I captured all the footage in the three days I was in New York. During New York University’s Weekend on the Square, I had the opportunity to explore the campus and the city on my own. The fact that I was able to record 128 gigabytes of footage in New York in three days alone amazes me. Moreover, what sets Tisch above any other film school in the country is the environment surrounding it. My favorite part of my visit to Tisch was walking around Washington Square because I was immediately overwhelmed by the pulsing life of the city. The sights, sounds, the senses set my creative mind into motion. When I look forward to going to Tisch, I can only feel the immense potential to create films that are able to portray the stories of the city."