Field Trip to Silvercup Studios, Long Island City

Jonathan Weinstein's Short Commercial Form class ventured off campus and into Long Island City for a visit to Silvercup Studios. While there, the class was treated to a walk-through on the set of "GIRLS," which launched into production this week. The class also toured Schrom & Co., the studio space where Michael Schrom executes his famous tabletop photography. Fellow classmate Stephanie Guzman and UFGTV student Ben Middlekauff are interning with Schrom & Co this semester, thanks to professor Weinstein’s company connection.

Short Commercial Form introduces students to short form branded content, TV commercials, Music Videos, Web Films and Advertainment. The class challenges filmmakers to apply their production knowledge to the creation of all forms of branded entertainment. Professor Weinstein brings to his class more than 28 years of on-set experience from commercial production houses, including his own company of 19 years. Two of the commercial campaigns he’s produced are part of the permanent archive at the Museum of Modern Art.