It Takes 20 Minutes to Drive Three Miles

Editor's Note: This post is the fourth in a series of posts from our Spring 2015 LA Interns.  Be sure to check out Casey Bader's post,  Patrick Briand's post, and Zach Romeo's post. And check back for posts from our other LA Interns in the near future!

The city of Los Angeles: where it takes 20 minutes to drive three miles. It is especially frustrating because I could literally run to my destination faster than that. Thank you, NYU cross country!

Carousel Television is located in the pleasant town of Sherman Oaks just far enough away from the craziness that is the entertainment industry. Carousel is Steve Carell’s baby, and honestly a great internship. The assistants there, Kate and Evan really care about teaching us about all aspects of the industry and offer good, raw advice. Coverage is the core of the internship. I’m extremely thankful I took Script Analysis at NYU because that class taught me the skills to be a decent coverage writer.