How To Become A Screenwriter And Live Casually

Editor's Note: This post is the third in a series of posts from our Spring 2015 LA Interns.  Be sure to check out Casey Bader's post and Patrick Briand's post. And check back for posts from our other LA Interns in the near future!

My Dear Tisch Brothers and Sisters,

Some of you know me, some of you don’t. Regardless, I am still in Los Angeles, learning how to become a screenwriter and live casually. It was ninety-one degrees here yesterday. I live in a house. We drive cars. I have only seen a few people wearing Dr. Martens. It’s all so hard to believe.

I am interning at The Combine, Jeremy Renner’s production company, focusing on script coverage for the program. The company is comprised of three, super talented individuals who have been very helpful in guiding my transition from school to the workplace. They consider my opinions as equal to theirs and introduce me to producers and writers coming through the office. I also pitch two scripts per week as part of their program, a great practice for an aspiring screenwriter like myself. On my days off I am working as an editor for adventure television personality Ryan Pyle. This affords me the extra money to explore California on the weekends.

I am living with Patrick Briand, another Tisch intern and a man of my age. We get along quite well. So far we’ve gone camping/hiking at Deep Creek Hot Springs, Joshua Tree, and Crystal Cove. Getting outdoors so often makes me appreciate the city a lot more and lets me clear my head for a few days. Very refreshing. Very LA.  

I’m meeting other folks our age from UCLA and CalArts and Occidental College. Then, our good friend and liaison Harvey Myman is introducing us to successful professionals in the business every week. It doesn’t feel like I’m a lonesome Tischster down here in the dark. Not at all.

Essentially, I’m having a great time. I feel so much more prepared to enter the workplace after being down here, even just for this short amount of time. With the contacts I’ve acquired and the work I’ve become involved with I know it has been a lucrative move. So…come check it out! I’ll be here for you spiritually and professionally.

Very best,
Zach Romeo