"Why Does the Screenwriter Cross the Road?...and other screenwriting secrets" by Prof. Joe Gilford

Coming May 1 from Michael Wiese Books.

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Writers will understand why they’re stuck and how to get unstuck through proven methods of breaking the logjam of self-judging and second-guessing that keeps good screenplays from being finished. Attain confidence by knowing your story is clear and solid. Seal out negative influences such as “industry experts” and fleeting trends. This is a way to write a script with integrity that makes a screenplay “storyworthy.” This is how to write a screenplay that works.

A few of professors at NYU say:

“ Why Does the Screenwriter Cross the Road? is both smart and smartass. It takes an unusual long-range approach to screenwriting that is irresistible.” —CHARLIE RUBIN, Writer: Seinfeld, In Loving Color, Law & Order: CI;  Professor, NYU Department of Dramatic Writing

“If you are writing, thinking about writing, or rewriting a script, buy this wonderful book. It will help you write your best movie.
Joe Gilford is a brilliant writer and an amazing teacher. He knows everything (and more) about screenplays. I wish I could always have Joe sitting next to me as a wise, friendly, funny guide, while I write. Next best thing: reading and re-reading Joe Gilford's book.”-- JACQUELYN REINGOLD (Writer: In Treatment, Smash, Grace & Frankie)

“This book is like having a pal along on the journey, a pal who can offer lots of great practical advice while helping you avoid the traps and pitfalls.
Joe Gilford possesses an uncanny ability to condense the complexities of dramatic writing into simple truths. His new book, Why Did the Screenwriter Cross the Road, is both inspiring and practical. Writing a screenplay can be a lonely, often humbling, experience. Useful for both students and professional writers, the best audience for this book is probably screenwriting teachers looking to improve their lesson plans.” -- JOHN TINTORI, award-nominated director and film editor; professor, NYU graduate film dept.

“In a world overflowing with screenwriting books, Gilford opens up new doors to both experienced and new screenwriters. Joe Gilford will make you smarter when it comes to crafting your screenplays. His years of experience teaching at New York University combined with his script consulting expertise give him a unique spin on the problems of completing a script. This is a first rate book that belongs on every screenwriters shelf.” -- D.B GILLES, (Author: “Writers Rehab: 12 Steps for Screenwriters ”; Screenwriting Professor:  New York University)

“Don't cross the road without this book. Joe Gilford is a talented writer, a great teacher and a very funny man. The proof is on every page of this highly enjoyable and very practical guide to the art and craft of the screenwriting trade.”-- PAUL THOMPSON, (Screenwriting Professor: New York University.)