Film Review: "The Salt of the Earth"

Photo by Sebastião Salgado
Courtesy of © Sebastião Salgado/Amazonas Images/Sony Pictures Classics

Reposted with permission from Joshua Handler (currently a junior in undergrad film and tv), who runs the blog Roboapocalypse.  

Sam Pollard will be showing The Salt of the Earth on April 9 at NYU as part of his Documentary Vision Screening Series. RSVP here: film is opening theatrically at the Angelika Film Center and the Lincoln Plaza Cinema this Friday, March 27

There's that old saying that says a picture is worth a thousand words.  Rarely has that been more true than in Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado's The Salt of the Earth, a documentary about photographs (and the photographer behind them) that are so special, so magical, so humane, that they transcend the confines of their frames and certainly the limiting notion that they can be described in one thousand words. Salt is about Sebastião Salgado, a photographer who spent the majority of his career documenting human suffering and struggle before becoming an environmental conservationist. 

A documentary about photography is very few people's idea of a riveting filmgoing experience, but in the hands of Wenders and the younger Salgado, it is.

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