Welcome to the Tisch Undergrad Film & TV Blog!

Welcome to the new Tisch undergraduate film and TV department blog, FAST FORWARD.  Going live with this blog fulfills a dream I’ve had since I became chair more than three years ago: to have an online site where all members of our vibrant and dynamic community can connect and exchange information.

FAST FORWARD is for everyone in our community: students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, prospective students and their families, alumni and anyone else interested in the unique and exciting world of undergraduate film and TV.

This site is a place to showcase and celebrate work (students, faculty, alumni) and to provide news about what’s going on in our department and program.  It’s also a venue for us to talk about what’s happening in the entertainment world at large--including the continuing changes taking place in film, TV, animation, documentaries, cinematography, etc.  We can also swap important career information.  Alumni should discuss their experiences in the professional world, including possible career paths and opportunities.

Needless to say, the potential for what this blog can be is virtually limitless.  I am counting on you--our community--to help guide and define what this blog is and can be.  We want you to make suggestions--this will be a continually evolving site.  I’m confident you’ll come up with ideas we never thought of.

Like any online site that wants to serve and continually expand our viewership, FAST FORWARD needs content! We’re looking for YOU--members of our community--to help provide us with regular and frequent streams of posts, videos, photos, etc.

Consider my musings here just the beginning of a continuing conversation...Right now, let's FAST FORWARD and get this blog going!!

To reach FAST FORWARD, you should contact us using this form.