In Conversation with Alex Perry Ross

On Monday December 7th, independent film director and alum Alex Ross Perry (UGFTV, 2006) came to Tisch and spoke to three UGFTV classes. Joe Pichirallo led the discussion and, along with the students, asked Perry about his career. His answers were both funny and insightful.

 UGFTV Chair Joe Pichirallo (L) and Alex Ross Perry (R)

UGFTV Chair Joe Pichirallo (L) and Alex Ross Perry (R)

Alex Ross Perry is an independent film director who graduated from Tisch School of the Arts in 2006. He is known for the films, Impolex (2009), The Color Wheel (2011), Listen Up Philip (2014), and Queen of Earth (2015). Listen Up Philip premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and Queen of Earth at the Berlin Film Festival.

He spoke to the students about his experience with ultra-low budget filmmaking. His projects are known for having small budgets and short shooting schedules - for example, he shot his first film Impolex for only $15,000. Perry encourages people to go out and make films on their own, rather than waiting for an opportunity.

Perry also spoke briefly about his fundraising process. Though unconventional, they have proven effective. He started by fundraising among friends, and after his initial success, has branched out to a series of investors who display continual interest in his films.

Perry is currently writing a live action Winnie the Pooh film for Disney.