Animation Director Yves Geleyn Shares His Passion

Award winning Hornet Animation Inc. director Yves Geleyn shared his gift for storytelling with the fall 2015 Animation: From Pitching to Pipeline to Production class.

Weaving the tale of a young man in Paris navigating his way through the world of professional artistry, Yves detailed his path from short filmmaker to commercial director.

It is always enchanting to hear about a successful individual’s journey through the world of animation. Every story is very different though one resounding note reoccurs. They all build themselves up by utilizing their unique passions.

For Yves, this included not just making short films, but doing so in innovative ways. In collaboration with Hornet he created a beautiful blend of puppetry and stop motion through the moving tale of a wooden robot in his short “Colosse". This festival-winning film paved the path for a number of equally successful commercials, the greatest star of which is another Hornet piece, “The Bear and the Hare.”

In this breathtaking tale a little hare wishes to share holiday cheer with his hibernating bear companion. Yves chose to blend traditional 2D animation with stop motion. Nearly all of the film’s characters were hand drawn, printed, laser cut, and filmed before a live stop motion set. This means that with every frame a new laser cut image of the characters had to replace the last. Though tedious, this technique certainly paid off, garnering international acclaim.

What was perhaps most fascinating about Yves was not the awards he has won or the clearly demonstrated skill and innovation he brought, but his humbleness, the excitement for his craft, and the positive way he looked to the future of his career.

Yves spoke unabashedly about his love for his projects and working alongside his crew. His pride in what they had achieved together was clear and his enthusiasm for future projects was infectious.

For all students, whether live action or animation, Yves gives an excellent example.

Simply put, have passion and love your craft. 

Then make your best and the rest will follow.

Kacie Hermanson is a student in the NYU/Tisch Undergraduate Film and TV Department from the class of 2016.

Animation: From Pitching to Pipeline to Production covers the fundamental production workflow for producing an animated film from start to finish.