My Video Rendezvous With G.E.M.

I spent a semester abroad at NYU Shanghai, where I wasn't exposed to the same narrative fiction production environment that I was in New York. I had just invested in a MkIII and some Zeiss glass, but narrative fiction wasn't the game: It was videography.

I was shooting video of my experience with artists I collaborated with on spacial installations for my independent study in Projection Mapping.

Then coming back to NYU to concentrate on commercial video production in my last semester, I lucked into a great project.

A friend from freshman year, Zoë Hoetzel, reached out to me after a brief Facebook exchange about her work at Galore Magazine and the fledgling Galore TV. She asked me to shoot 'an uber famous pop star,' named G.E.M.

I was speechless. I had a poster of G.E.M. in my apartment in Shanghai.

I guess that must've been a great omen, because now I was about to meet her in person.

We rendezvoused at G.E.M.'s hotel in SoHo where we conducted a 30min interview and then got some rushed papparazzi footage downtown. She was such an incredible energy to be around, citing the Law of Attraction and the globalization of popular culture outside the interview.

It was a slow edit as I waited on Zoë's producers who were caught up in the hustle and bustle of NY Fashion Week, but we finally put out the video last week on Galore TV's new YouTube channel.

It was really an exciting, brief project but I feel as though projects of similar scale are arising with more frequency. I love being engaged by opportunities like this. It helps me keep up with my cinematographer friends who are shooting every weekend, and my sound friends who are always in demand. I hope all students here are able to make use of their network, because opportunities like this abound here in the city and can lead to incredible places.

Here it is.

Justin Scholar is a student in the NYU/Tisch Undergraduate Film and TV Department from the class of 2016.